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  "Peyrani" estate

The estate covers about 34 hectares of hilly land, 5 hectares of which are cultivated with vineyards, with the remainder characterised by the presence of woods, meadows and seed crops.
Half of the vineyards are situated in the municipality of San Paolo Solbrito, with the other half in the municipality of Piovà Massaia, both in the Monferrato Astigiano district.

The average production per hectare is approximately 2.5-3 tonnes, which is extremely low considering that the disciplinary regulations for Barbera d’Asti allow up to 7 tonnes per hectare of production. This figure, together with an average age of the vineyards of 60 years, expresses our production philosophy: to search for quality and not quantity, forcefully defending the “old” vineyards, convinced that they are able to offer a “superior” final product. The age of the vineyards ranges from the youngest, which are 50 years old, to a vineyard which can be described as historical, dating back to 1930.

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Peyrani Società Semplice Agricola - Strada Tagliaverde 12 - Frazione Ravizza - 14010 San Paolo Solbrito (AT) ITALY
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